Started off as a really fun day for everyone.

10 trucks went to Seddon's corner.

As seen above, Everyone was getting along... well, maybe not with the Ford (we didn't even get picture of it) Even the Samari's don't want to hang with those.

Kicked up some snow!

Pretty scenic.

Jeep's looking down on everyone

I think everyone was impressed with the Dodge ability to pull uphill. (doesn't just look pretty, but has power too!)

How is this for a flex shot...

Now that looks pretty clean!

Anyone want me to wash their truck?

Coming back out...

More to come once I can aquire more of the video and pics that were taken.


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I would like to thank all the guys for helping me get the Jeep out. I am currently talking with the insurance company to see what they can/will do for me.


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