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NP242 Parts

Cleaned and repaired parts


Old NP249


Write ups on this swap:

On Jeep Horizons

Another one

Anyone requiring parts for a NP 249 can give me a call as I have several peices that I believe are still good.

You can have them really cheap and maybe even free??

Chain, Viscous coupler, some housing parts, and some gears.

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Grand Cherokee owners may have heard of this mod. The Transfer Case that comes in a LTD, np249 (Command-Trac), is 4wd all the time. Only option is whether it is 4 hi or 4lo. Taking a np242 (Select-Trac)out of a Jeep with Select-Trac gives you 2wd, 4hi, 4hi-locked, and 4lo-locked. The only problem is that the two cases don't just exchange, they have different input shafts. So to make it work, you have to take everything apart and change the input sun gears.



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