So the dirt is, I hit a "little" water, a "little" hard. Just a "little" mind you, and I seemed to have a little knock in my motor now. So it may not be out for a while.

So the knock is being caused by a twisted rod (between the crank and piston). It's only a "little" twisted though...

Twisted rod on cylinder one

Bought a complete motor on Tuesday with 90 k on it and went to take mine out. Engine and stand fell over and resulted in a cracked housing for the transmission and some damage to he house.

Damage is 26" wide and 16" high and goes in about 2".

Cracks to the transmission housing.

It doesn't end there. While pulling the Jeep away from the engine, it rolled over the cinder blocks and down the driveway. So this is how it sat for the next few days.

Looks mean with out an engine and headlights, don't it?

New engine is ready to go in.

Friday night Gary brought my transmission from the shop and it's all going back in.

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So from breaking things to putting it back together, it took about 3 weeks.

But I now have a rebuilt transmission, it was going anyways, a motor with less than half the kms... and it runs quite well.

Now for the lift and tires ;-)



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